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Related post: Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 04:36:18 -0500 (EST) From: Marc Subject: Raunchy BoyDisclaimer:The following story deals with incest, watersports and scat. Topics which some may find immoral, disgusting and offensive yet practiced among gay men. If you have a problem dealing with these topics or are under the age of eighteen, STOP HERE!Raunchy Boy (Part 1) by Rim4youPrologueWhen preten topless models did it all begin? Was I twelve or thirteen years old? Was it at the onslaught of puberty? Does it really matter or make a difference now that I'm sixteen, young schoolgirl models when my thoughts and desires took a nosedive into the gutter?Perhaps not but like everything, all things have a beginning and an end. I guess my story began around that time in my life when my body began to change and develope and the lockeroom at school held so much fascination!My name is Joel and this is my story.Chapter 1"Come on, jockboy!" Alan, my best friend, hollered as he snapped a towel across my ass, "time to hit the showers! We stink!""Right behind you, Alan." I responded, reaching for my towel.The lockeroom was filled with naked, whooping and hollering teenage boys swearing loudly, making their way towards 15yo model link the showers. Musky sweat socks, gym shorts and jockstraps strewn everywhere sent their acrid aroma, along with their bodily stench into the air.Something stirred within me at that moment as my eyes beheld Alan's cute butt and my nose became acutely aware of the different fragrances within the lockeroom."Come on, Joel! We only have fifteen minutes before the bell rings for our next class.""Uh ... yeah, right behind you, Alan. I'm coming." I rather stammered as I glanced down on the floor and saw Alan's jockstrap. Here it was, almost the end of our freshman year and it looked as though Alan had never taken his strap home to be washed! The sight of his dirty jockstrap lying there and the scent rising from it, coupled with the globes of Alan's ass practically staring me in the face, exited little dick models me. Why? I couldn't rightly say.All through algebra class, which followed P. E., I couldn't concentrate. My thoughts kept turning back to the lockeroom. Alan's ass. His jockstrap. The musky aromas. Naked teenage boys in all stages of developement. The cursing, crude comments about fucking and spunking. All these jumbled thoughts were tumbling through my head and I couldn't rationalise, adolescent topless model let alone concentrate upon model pre mathematical equations, why these thoughts were turning me on so much? Thank God this was the last class of the day and it was a Friday!"Geez, Joel" Alan quirked, as we slammed our lockers shut and headed down the hall. "You sure are acting mighty wierd today. You okay?""Yeah. I'm bikini model cordelia okay, Alan. I sexy kid modells just have some things on my mind that's all.""What are you doing tomorrow, Joel?""I dunno. Hanging out at the house I guess. Why? You wanna come over?""Yeah! That'd be swell.""Better yet. Why don't you ask your folks if you can spend the night tonight?""Sure will! I know they won't say no. Will it be alright with your Dad, Joel?""Of course it will, Alan! Geez! We practically grew up in each other's homes.""I'll call you when I get home, Joel!" Alan shouted, as he made his way through the crowded hallway towards the exit."Just come on over when you're ready," I hollered back.Alan and I grew up on the same block and our families knew each other since we were around four years old. Alan's parents always took a special liking to amanda lee model me seeing how I didn't have a Mom. It was just Dad and I. As for Alan bikini model alicia and I, we were like brothers.I made some excuse to Alan that I couldn't walk bambi model child home with him that afternoon. In reality I wanted to head back to the lockeroom on the pretense of cleaning out my dirty gear to take home to be washed, but actually just wanting to be in there again and what it was about the lockeroom that excited me so much now.As I made my way into the lockeroom towards the back row of lockers where mine was located, I could hear the sounds of other guys in the room and in the distance the spraying sound of what seemed to be a single shower.I caught myself sniffing the air and absorbing the funky aromas. Even as I import models toplist passed the toilet stalls with their lingering fragrances, I took in deep breaths and all the while my cock stirred within my jeans.I thought to myself that I must be going nuts! Here I was turning on to the smells within the lockeroom! Rounding the corner I made my way towards my locker and nonchalantly fumbled with the combination lock. Glancing down my eyes stared with wonder. Lying on wooden ship models the floor next to Alan's locker was his jockstrap.Glancing around nervously, I sat down on the bench and stared at it. In my chest I could feel my heart pounding and my breathing coming in short gasps. Bending over I grabbed it. It australia models felt damp. Examining it I was amazed at how grundgy it was. The pouch was no longer white but rather a yellowish-brown in color. Where the straps met at the pouch the color was most definitely a dark brown.Once more I looked around. Seeing nobody in sight I pressed Alan's jockstrap to my face and took a deep, long nn girl models breath. At first I thought I was going to fall over backwards from the stench that swirled up my nostrils but something else happened just at that moment. My cock was throbbing wildly within the confines of my jeans as if giving its approval to my action.I slid my hand down towards my crotch and squeezed my aching cock. teen bikinimodel It was rock hard and I could feel it oozing its juices. I must have let out a muffled moan as I pressed Alan's filthy jockstrap more firmly upon my face and instinctively allowed my tongue to graze over the damp, fetid material."Aaaaaahhhhhh! Alan!" I whispered, totally absorbed in his funky imgboard model 14yo bikini models aroma that I catalogue lingerie models didn't realise that the lockeroom had fallen completely silent except for the faint echos of my huffing. guy top models I didn't hear the heavy footsteps of bare feet on the floor approaching. I was too excited and intoxicated with my best friend's stench and the burning desire to jack off!"Yeah! Sniff that funky strap, jockboy!" A deep, masculine voice whispered.I froze. Scared yet excited at the same time. I didn't dare open my eyes to look at the man whose voice I recognized so well. I was probably more embarassed than anything former ls models else yet to my surprise, my cock seemed to react to this invasion by throbbing all the more!"Smell that stink, young teenage models jockboy! Smells fuckin' good, dosen't it?"I nodded my head. school models torrent Prompted by 3 psychological models the voice of my Coach I took another deep whiff. The pungent aroma seemed to swirl shrewsbury teen models throughout my entire head and I squeezed all the more harder on my cock."Fuckin' boned up too, aren't you, jockboy?"Hearing him call young models rusia me "jockboy" in a raspy voice only excited me more. Opening my mouth I drew the filthy, stinking pouch into my mouth and began to suck on the rancid material."That's it, jockboy! Smell your buddy's stink and taste his childmodels nudes slime! Bet he's dropped a couple of hot loads in there along with balls sweat and piss! Yeah! Get high pre girl modeling on his stink! Suck on that fuckin' jockstrap."I moaned with lust as I obeyed the voice of my coach and surrendered to what I was feeling, yearning and craving.Coach was right. The stink was turning me on tremendously and the taste filling my myusenet petite models mouth I alex model teen found delightful."I've had my eye on you, jockboy!" Coach continued. "I've seen you checking out your buddies as they head towards the showers. You fuckin' like lookin' at your naked buddies, don't you?""Yes!" I finally gasped, feeling my spit drool out of the corner of my mouth.I felt a finger graze my cheek wiping up my spit."Mmmmmm! Fuckin' delicious jockboy spit!" lsgirls models 17yo pantyhose model Coach moaned. "Look at me, jockboy!"I opened my eyes. Coach was leaning against a locker licking his finger. I gasped. I had never seen him naked before, let alone with a raging young berlin models hardon that was leaking a thin thread of pre-cum which looked like a line of a spider's web that attached itself to the floor.Coach was all man in every aspect and detail. A former Marine Drill Instructor and the body that went along with it. He had wavy brown hair which now dripped with beads of water from his recent shower. His steely gray eyes appeared now to be glassed over. Was he high or was he just overcome, like myself, with lust?His shoulders were broad and his chest was sculpted to perfection and swirled with dark hair. His upper body tapered down to a washboard stomach and narrow waistline. I could detect, from my vantage point, the curve of a well mounded, firm ass. His thighs were muscular.My eyes engulfed him from head to toe in his nakedness in one full sweep. Clutching Alan's jockstrap in my hand I stared wide eyed at Coach's thick, veiny. long and rigid cock."Fuckin' like what chilmodeltop you see, jockboy?""Yes!" I nude models vodeo whispered."You don't look so bad yourself, jockboy, in your tight fittin' jeans and muscle tank top! Sure glad I happened upon you this afternoon."I model kid sandi hung my head a little embarassed and wondered where this was all heading. Was I treading upon a path that I wasn't quite yet able to tread?"Take off your clothes, jockboy.""Huh?" I stammered."You heard me! Get naked!""But nude models pretteen what if Coach Stevens bikini model 14yo ...""He'd only watch us and beat off! You don't have to teen underwhere models worry about him, jockboy! Now take your clothes off!"Mesmerized by this former Marine and seemingly hypnotized by hardcore models poland his deep, raspy voice, I stood up and throwing all thoughts aside began to strip. Not quickly but rather slowly so as to give him the pleasure of seeing me naked in a different light."Oh yeah!" Coach moaned, as I pulled my tank top off and dropped it to the floor. "Nice and smooth."I yanked my sneakers off and kicked them aside. As I unzipped my jeans and began tugging them down, I watched as Coach stroked his hard shaft."You like seein' a man play with his dick, jockboy?""Yes!" I whispered, as I stepped out of my jeans and my own raging, throbbing hardon, tented the front of my white briefs."You're fuckin' packin' a big one there, jockboy! Whip it out, fucker! Let that fuckin' piece of jockboy meat breathe!"Grasping the waistband of my briefs I yanked the front down, freeing my cock which bobbed up and down upon release and tucked the waistband under my balls."You like what you see, Coach?" I free nn models asked, in a rather jessithekid model pics bold and cocky voice, lifting my hand, still clutching Alan's dirty jockstrap up to my face and without taking my eyes off of him, taking another deep whiff."Yeah, jockboy! Lookin' real invitin' there with your big, hard cock leakin' juice and you fuckin' sniffin' on some stink!""Wanna huff some stink with me, Coach?""Fuck yeah!"As he swedish lingerie models approached me, I bent down and picked lina model pics up teennaked hot model my sneaker and handed it to him."Smell this first!" I said.He grinned and took the sneaker from my hand. Prying apart the laces and yanking the sneaker's tongue forward he flashed me a lustful smile and buried his face in my smelly sneaker huffing deeply while stroking on his cock."Fuckin' stink, jockboy!"It became obvious to me that Coach was turning on to the aroma of my sneaker just as much as thialand nude models I was being turned on to the smell of Alan's jockstrap. Becoming more confident with each passing minute, I once again bent down and picked up my other sneaker.As my eyes left Coach for a split second, upon rising, another figure loomed up into view. Coach Stevens!"Can I watch?" he asked."What took you so fuckin' long, Stevens?" Coach asked, still sniffing my sneaker."Yeah! Sure!" I responded, as I watched the younger of the two model kids sexy men yank the front of his gym shorts down and stroke body fitness models his hefty piece of meat."Why don't you show jockboy what you do best, Stevens?""Huh?" I asked."You just do what ya wanna do, jockboy. Trust me, he'll make ya feel real good."Coach Stevens approached me and dropped to his knees behind me. I could hear the thud as his knees crashed to the floor. Next I felt my briefs being slid down and a nose nudging into the black porn model crack of my ass."Yeah! Fuckin' smell the jockboy's ass, Stevens!" Coach snapped. "How's it smell?""Ah man, Randalls!" Coach Stevens gasped, "the fuckin' kid's got a stink ass!""That's jockboy to you, Stevens!" Coach practically bellowed."Yes sir!" Stevens responded. "The jockboy's got a real stink ass, Randalls!""Spread your legs, jockboy, so Stevens can get the stink he wants better."I spread my legs and thrust my ass back."Ah fuck! Thank you, jockboy!" Coach Stevens sighed."Smell his ass, Stevens! Smell that jockboy buttstink!""Fuckin' took a dump after P.E. today, Coach Stevens," I moaned, wiggling my ass onto his face, "it oughtta smell fuckin' ripe by now!""Shit yeah!" Coach Stevens replied, as he sniffed my butthole deeply. "Fuckin' smells like shit, jockboy!""So model gallery strawberry what ya got planned with that other sneaker, jockboy? Coach asked.As Coach Stevens worked his topless model agencies tongue australian supermodels into my shit chute, I looked little girls modeling up lustily into Coach's glassy xxx pictures models eyes."I want you to piss in it, Coach!" I nearly hollered, as Coach Stevens worked his tongue up my smelly asshole."Ya want me to fill your sneaker with fuckin' manpiss, jockboy?""Yes!"Coach eased his big cock into my texas teen models sneaker and before long I could hear the sound of his piss splashing, then filling my sneaker with his piss."Fuckin' pissin' for ya, jockboy!"Coach's yellow nectar filled my sneaker. Overflowing, young model 12yo it ran down my arm. Before he could even finish pissing, I maxwell nn models raised my sneaker up above my head and let the contents rain down upon me.I anemic model felt Coach's expert park models warm piss flow over my head and run down my back which, as it ran down the crack of my ass, Coach Stevens slurped even more hungrily then before.Coach's piss continued perteen nude models to spew from his cock, splashing over my face model teen ariel as I opened my mouth and leaning forward, wrappred my lips around the mushroom head of his cock and began gulping and swallowing his golden nectar."Fuck yeah, jockboy! Drink my fuckin' manpiss!"Within moments I found myself bobbing my head up and down Coach's pissing cock. Drinking. models teen world young twink models Sucking. Giving angels girls models pleasure to a man!"Finger my shithole, model russian swimsuit jockboy!" Coach roared.As I sunk my finger up Coach's steamy asshole, I quivered at the tongue lashing my own asshole was receiving from Coach penthouse models gallery Stevens. Here I was sandwiched between two beefy men giving and receiving pleasure. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. All the while I clutched onto Alan's jockstrap as if drawing him into this chain of sexual pleasure and frenzy, wondering if later tonight I would reveal to him all that was taking place now."Dig up that hole, jockboy! I know now what a nasty fucker you are! I know you want the same thing that Stevens wants! My stinkin' shit!"Coach's words drove me insane with perverse lust. By now Coach Stevens had his top models ls hands on my asscheeks spreading them wide and I could feel my asshole flaring open to the demands of his grunts and probing tongue.I sunk a second, then a third finger up Coach's hairy asshole as he fucked my mouth with his big cock."Dig, jockboy, dig! Find the fuckin' stink you want!Was this what I ultimately wanted? Were these the thoughts that went tumbling through my mind when earlier in the day I first caught a whiff of Alan's jockstrap and upon looking up, really took notice of his ass and associated the two smells? Jocktrap and ass. Ass and jockstrap."You nasty fuck!" pheobe model nn Coach childmodel gigi sighed, as I worked a fourth finger busty nude models up his asshole. I could feel him bearing down and in doing so I could feel something warm and gooey spreading over my fingers."Shit!" I moand, pulling my sucking, slurping mouth off of Coach's rigid cock."Found my slop haven't ya, jockboy?""Yes!" I moaned, kissing his swaying balls."What ya find up my asshole, jockboy? Tell boogie pimps model me!""Your shit, Coach! Your stinking shit!""You like that don't you, jockboy?""Yes, Coach! I do!""I thought so, fucker! And ya know what?""What, Coach?"I was getting off preeten child models on this filthy banter. I had only heard this conversation over and over in my fantasies as I pulled on my cock, alone."Stevens here, loves to eat out my shitty ass! Wanna watch him eat out my filthy shithole?""Yes!" I gasped, pulling my fingers out of Coach's ass and rubbing them up and down his hairy crack.I staggered upward and sat upon the bench as Coach swung around and bent over exposing his puckerd hole to me smeared with shit.I brought my fingers up to my nose and sniffed deeply the stink deposited evilyn teen model upon them from Coach's asshole as I watched Coach Stevens slurp and suck on Coach's gaping, shitty hole."Yeah fucker! Show jockboy how much you love shitty asshole, Stevens! Eat my dirty, stinkin' ass! teens model ls Eat supermodel porn video my shit!""Feed me, Randalls! Feed me your fuckin' shit!""Ya want some shit, Stevens?""Yes! Please!"Coach glanced back at me, hungrily sniffing my dirty fingers and furiously pounding away on my cock with Alan's jockstrap."Gonna fuckin' pump a load in your buddy's strap aren't you, jockboy?""Yeah!" I gasped, my hand flying up and down my cock."Watch, jockboy!""Mmmmmm!" Coach Stevens moaned, as he wrapped his lips around a knotty turd emerging from Coach's asshole."Yeah! Show the jockboy how you suck turd, motherfucker!""Fuck!" Coach Stevens gasped, as his mouth filled more and more with twink boy model a brown, stinking log."Show him what you do with it, Stevens!" Coach sandrateenmodel board bellowed, as he pulled himself up and fell against the lockers, his hand flying up and down his rigid shaft.Coach Stevens turned to face me. Projecting from his mouth was Coach's shit log. He sucked it in and out of his mouth before he preteeen nude models broke off a piece and smeared his fashion models german face with it while at the same time he began chewing missymodel upon the turd in baumanometer standby model his mouth and swallowing it. Every few model child panties seconds he'd open his mouth wide so I could see Coach's filth in his mouth, mashed up and staining his teeth and tongue."Yeah! Eat my fuckin' shit!" Coach hollered.I could tell by the way the two men were pulling on their cocks that it wouldn't be long before cum would be spewing out of their piss slits."Wanna see you shoot that fuckin' load, jockboy!" Coach hissed.I stood up pounding away at my cock."Open your fuckin' mouth, pig!" I hollered, aiming my cock at Coach Stevens' shit filled mouth. "Gonna fuckin' pop my nut, pig! Fuckin' take it!""Yeah! Feed the fuckin' shit pig, jockboy!"I lunged forward hart models posh and plunged my cum spewing cock into Coach Stevens' shitty mouth, grabbing him by the back of the head and pumping my load into his toilet mouth."Fuck! Fuck!" young model cosplay I yelled, my voice echoing in the nonude swimwear models empty lockeroom. My body trembled and convulsed as I felt Coach Stevens' shitty mouth clamp firmly on my spitting cock."Yeah, jockboy! Shoot that fuckiin' spooge! Feed the motherfuckin' pig!" Coach hollerd, teen models petite as he slammed his body back against the lockers and let fly a thick rope of creamy cum which flew high into preeteens models 12yo the air and splattered on the row pre pantyhose models of lockers opposite nudist russian models him."Pop that nut, Coach!" I encouraged, as I watched breathlessly for the very first time, a man ejaculate.Immediately thereafter, Coach Stevens made low gutteral noises and gooey, smacking sounds issued from his mouth acemodeling extreme as his body tensed and his wad naked model girls of cum splattered against my leg."Cum! Cum, you fuckin' pig!" I hollered.In the frenzy and subsiding moments after our ejaculations, my quaking knees gave out from under me and I crashed to the floor only to be caught up in the strong embrace of Coach Stevens' muscular arms. For an instant our eyes met. I lowered my face towards his. I sniffed his sewer mouth and the next thing I modeling teen thumb knew my mouth was upon his and greedily we sucked on each other's tongues.Chapter page 3 model 2I emerged from the lockeroom dazed and in a delightful stupor, the taste of piss and shit still lingering in my mouth and the scent of asshole still upon my fingers and its brown traces embedded under my fingernails.Slinging my backpack over my russian nudity model shoulder and every now teenage teenager model and then raising my fingers to my nose to cop a whiff, I raced on home. Adding to the moment's exitement was the fact that I had discarded my briefs in favor of wearing Alan's filthy jockstrap!"Hey Dad!" I practically squeeled, as I burst through the front door and nearly tackled him down."Joel! topmodellist nonude Joel! What's got you all tanked up?" Dad said laughing, catching both his and my balance."Uh ... nothin', Dad! Just had a great day at school today. Learned somethin' new and exciting today. That's all!""Sure looks like it, son!" preeten modeling gallery Dad quirked, looking at me somewhat puzzled. "Oh by the way ...""Yeah, Dad?" I asked, rumaging through the refrigerator for something to snack on."Alan called.""Great! He's spending the night. That is okay with you, huh Dad?""Of course it is, Joel. You know Alan is always welcome here anytime. We'll order pizza for the three of us. That sound good to you?""Terrefic! Alan and I love pizza."I bolted up the stairs for my room. I couldn't wait to smell Alan's funky strap again and jack off thinking about atkingdom models what had just happened between me, Coach and Coach Stevens.I tore out of my clothes and flung myself upon my bed and once more pressed Alan's filthy jockstrap to my face."Joel. I thought I'd ..."The door swung open. There stood Dad framing the doorway and there was I, buck assed naked on my bed lola girls models with a raging hardon, my had wrapped around my cock and Alan's grundgy jockstrap draped over my face. I bolted upright."Didn't mean to interrupt you, son!""Dad!""Yes, Joel?""Don't leave!""I think you need your privacy right now, son."Dad turned to leave."No, Dad! I don't need my privacy right now.""Huh?""I need you, Dad! tabitha model torrent Now! Please?"******************************I welcome your comments. Write to me at
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